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Lago de Atitlan

January 27, 2012


04/28/2011 San Pedro to Xela, Guatemala

April 29, 2011

I caught a chicken bus from San Pedro La Laguna to Xela. Although it is only 19 miles, it takes three hours because the route mostly switchbacks going up and down the mountain. When I arrived at the bus station, I flagged down a colectivo that said they were going to “el centro”. After riding for a few minutes in the wrong direction, I discovered that we were going to el centro de Guatemala City and not Xela. I flagged down another collectivo going the opposite direction and made sure they were going to “el parque central de Xela”. The 10-15 minute ride across the city cost Q1.25 ($0.16). I found a hostel and headed to entremundos office where they found me a volunteer position at a local orphanage